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Creative Floor Coverings has been providing durable, long-lasting and stylish flooring options in Medicine Hat.


Hardwood floors are designed to last for decades. Hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of options that are both stylish and elegant. Additionally, hardwood floors are also environment friendly.

Featured Hardwood Products

Hardwood Flooring in Medicine Hat

Give your home or business a classic look with luxurious hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is the original type of flooring that has long been used. At Creative Floor Coverings, we offer hardwood flooring installation in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. We offer a range of attractive flooring options that are stylish, elegant, long-lasting, and sure to give a timeless feel and subtle grace to your property. Request an estimate now!


If you are looking for a flooring option that provides timeless beauty, increase the value of your home and is designed to last for decades, then you should go for hardwood flooring. Take a look at some key characteristics of hardwood that makes it so popular:

Comes in a range of colours - Shades of white, grey, orange, brown and even red!
Durability - It lasts for years when properly installed and cared for
Environment friendly - Instead of using new trees, reclaimed wood from older structures like barns and homes are used to get these beautiful wood planks.
Increases resale value - Almost 100% of the cost of this flooring can be added to the value of home post-installation.
Hardwood installation

Creative Floor Coverings has established a reputation in the Medicine Hat area for offering quality flooring options. We have been providing beautiful, long-lasting flooring options to the homeowners in the locality for decades now. Visit our store to witness the hardwood difference today!

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