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Great Flooring Starts Here

Creative Floor Coverings has been providing durable, long-lasting and stylish flooring options in Medicine Hat.


Linoleum flooring is not only durable but also easy to maintain. It comes in a wide variety of designs and colours and can complement any home.

Simple Yet Beautiful Linoleum Flooring That Medicine Hat Appreciates

Colourful and full of detail, linoleum is made from a variety of materials such as linseed oil, resin and calcium. Due to its versatility, linoleum has been a popular choice among residential and commercial customers for over a century. Now, recent advancements in technology and focus on eco-friendly products have made linoleum flooring in Medicine Hat a stylish addition to any home! Linoleum has a long history of resilience and functionality, stands up to wear and tear, resists water and comes in a seemingly unlimited number of colours and patterns. Its durability and easy maintenance make it the go-to flooring choice for any room in your home.

Featured Linoleum Products

Linoleum Sheet Flooring

Installing linoleum sheet flooring is relatively simple but it requires proper care and precision. We have thousands of square feet of linoleum sheets available in different patterns and designs that is sure to fit your style. Before the scratch- and wear-resistant flooring coatings, linoleum was at the height of flooring fashion. It became a flooring staple of the early 1900s because of its rich colour palate that worked with the decor of that era, and has definitely come a long way since then.


Similar to true linoleum, vinyl flooring is widely used in commercial and residential spaces. Both vinyl and linoleum are great for high-traffic areas and where water and spills are a daily occurrence. Vinyl sheet flooring has HD designs available in natural wood, ceramic, and stone, giving it a realistic look and feel. The latest type of vinyl flooring has fiberglass core for unmatched stability and a foam layer that makes it feel warm and soft under your feet.

Why Choose Linoleum Flooring?

Linoleum sheets are scratch-resistant, of low-maintenance and ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. These are strong enough to stand heavy traffic and can be cleaned easily with a mop using the right pH-neutral cleaner. Few other benefits include:

Resistance to scuffs and scratches
Protection against wear, defects, permanent stains
And more

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